Community Impact

Community Impact


The reality is that 21% of Legacy students receive ICT or SC services; 28% of Legacy students have an IEP, 8% are English Language Learners and 95% of Legacy students are eligible for free or reduced lunch according to the Educational Impact Statement.  We will be highly affected by this phase-out and closure.  As stated by the Educational Impact Statement: as total enrollment at the school declines throughout the course of the phase-out, the school will likely need to scale back its elective course offerings.  Our course electives are already dwindling and it is likely that we will have less choice as the school phases out.  [How will this make the educational program better? How would this improve our learning?]


In the Educational Impact Statement, the Department of Education included a list of schools that offer similar programming as Legacy and state that they are giving individuals a choice over their education.  Since it is likely that if a school receives a C, D, or F that they could be proposed for closure if conditions persist, incoming students would narrow their choices to schools that received an A or a B in their progress report.   From a list of 54 options, this is narrowed to 23 schools.  Only 43% of schools that are similar to Legacy are receiving an A or a B on their progress report.  From a historical viewpoint, students who have gone to Legacy have always been students with some of the highest needs in the city.  If this trend persists, it will be unlikely for them to get into a school that screens.  Therefore, from a list of 23, it goes down to 6 possible options.  From those 6 options, 3 of them (Unity Center for Urban Tech, High School for Environmental Studies and The Facing History School) are over capacity and will make it more difficult for students to enroll.  The three schools (Essex Street Academy, Pace High School and Vanguard) that remain already have percentages close to the citywide averages of special education and English Language Learners.  Therefore, it is likely that more high-needs students will be funneled to those schools and that these schools will meet the same fate as schools that have been phased-out.  From a list of 54 possible options, students that would have gone to Legacy only get 3 real choices.



The New York Times. Leaders of 4 ‘F’ Schools Are Now Up for Bonuses:  Gootman, Elissa. New York Times [New York, N.Y] 06 June 2008: B.


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