Why We Walked Out


We are walking out because our school, Legacy School for the Integrated Studies, has been proposed for a phase-out and closure.  We have been protesting that this is not fair especially since our principal is new and she is already creating extreme change.  She inherited a school from a principal that was not effective.  Some of us felt as if the progress reports during the past admiration did not reflect what was happening in school.  Students and teachers were surprised about individuals who graduated without the proper credits. Now that we are making significant, accurate gains with new leadership, our sense of stability is being taken away from us. This is why we are walking out.  We are not walking out on learning.  We are not walking out on our principal.  We are walking out because the DOE does not create policies that help us achieve.  If they did, we would have a higher percentage than 13% of Latino and African-American students who are college-ready in NEW YORK CITY!”  Wake up NEW YORK CITY! How are we a major hub of business and innovation in the world and not have the best education system for everyone, not just Stuyvesant, not just Baruch! Stand up, walk out and be seen and heard.


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