Open Letter To Teachers & Administrations From Students

Dear Teachers and Principals of New York City,

On February 1st, students across New York City will be walking out at 2 P.M to protest school closures and other failed education policies. We, the students called for this walk out because of many aspects. We pleaded for change and basically were told no by the DOE. All summed up we got tired of having to follow the DOE’s unfair policies. It is a completely student run action inspired by the neglect that we have felt by the Department of Education. While many activist groups in NYC support our actions and stand in solidarity with us, we are acting as a separate entity and trying to create a space for high school students. We will rally at Union Square and speak out about our education and the policies that affect us. We feel these policies are not helping and DOE data doesn’t display progress. Students, teachers, and administrators across New York City are affected by them and it’s time to call for a reform. This walkout is to only be heard by the Department of Education and the rest of the city. We want to stop many policies including closures of struggling schools.

We know that you are unable to walkout with us at this moment. However, please support our action on this day by not giving us extensive punishment for this infraction. According to the Student’s Bill of Rights, there is a range of possible disciplinary responses and so we hope you choose a response that will not negatively impact our education.

Please understand that we are not walking out on you. We walk out for you and we hope that one day, you will walk with us too. Thank you so much for your understanding. I would love to emphasize the fact once again that this is not against anyone besides the Department of Education policies that are failing us as a city and as a community.

From The Students You Taught So Well


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